새 카테고리[Cure Anicare] launches Joint Nutrition Treat ‘jointAND’ for Pets

Nutritional Treat High in Active Ingredients for Pet’s Joint Health

Cure Anicare, which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of animal food and pharmaceutical products, is launching a pet joint nutritional treat ‘jointAND’.

According to Cure Anicare, jointAND can manage joints and nutrition at once by containing a high content of joint active ingredients compared to conventional joint nutrition treats.

In particular, green-lipped mussels are known to be an effective ingredient in reducing pain and improving joint function by helping to inhibit the production of leukotriene which causes inflammation.

In addition, N-acetylglucosamine aid in joint and cartilage health by increasing the production of glycosaminoglycans that forms cartilage. N-acetylglucosamine does not require a separate mechanism process in the body to act quickly and effectively on joint and cartilage biosynthesis.

Additionally, one of the cartilage components, chondroitin is an effective component in stimulating cartilage cells to restore cartilage tissue and maintaining joint function.

jointAND is applicable to dogs and cats with a lot of physical activity that forces their joints, pets with a lot of jumping, pets who often slips on the floor, pets who are overweight with a heavy burden on the joints, pets who are worried about patella dislocation and hip dysplasia.

According to Cure Anicare, “jointAND is a nutritious treat high in active ingredients that benefits pet’s joint health. It includes wheatworm and milk thistle to benefit liver and it is safe for long-term use without rest.” Cure Anicare will continue to actively promote nutritional treat that can support bone and joint health since dogs tend to have a high incidence of joint disease.

On the other hand, Cure Anicare launched an insect protein feed, GOOFOO, earlier this year and is receiving a lot of attention.

More information can be found on the Cure Anicare website (click).

2020.12.14 dailyvet news