새 카테고리Cure Anicare launched an oral care functional food, oralAND, for dogs and cats

16 Nov 2021

A pet company, Cure Anicare, launched oral care nutritional supplement for pets; oralAND.

Consistent oral care is very important because neglect of plaque accumulated in the oral cavity of pets can cause periodontal disease and stomatitis as well as bad breath.

The newly released oralAND is an oral care functional food exclusively for pets that helps improve immunity and intestinal health, as well as oral care such as relieving stomatitis and periodontal disease, bad breath, plaque, and tartar reduction. It is safely manufactured with natural and functional raw materials.

Egg yolk, one of the key ingredients of oralAND, contains antibodies against porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterium that causes inflammation in the oral cavity, serving as a vaccine for periodontal disease. In addition, it contains ingredients that help with oral inflammation such as lactoferrin, eastern prickly pear, nelumbo nucifera seed, and kelp, which helps relieve inflammation and remove tartar in the oral cavity.

An official from Cure Anicare emphasized, "There are various pet oral care nutritional supplements on the market, but oralAND not only has the best palatability with optimal combination, but also contains functional and natural ingredients to suppress bacteria in the mouth and produce products through strict and demanding processes."

More detailed information on oralAND can be found on the official smartstore  or Cure Anicare website. 

Meanwhile, Cure Anicare launched jointAND, a joint nutritional food, last year for companion animals.

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