새 카테고리[Cure PharmTech] Cure Pharmtech joins 'Thanks to you’ Challenge

28 Jul 2020

Cure Pharm Tech joins ‘Thanks to you’ challenge’ campaign to convey gratitude and support to the medical staff who are trying to overcome COVID 19.

#Thanks to you, challenge is a national campaign started in the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (CDSCH), in order to encourage the staff who are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diffusing COVID 19 patients.

CEO of Cure Pharm Tech Co., Ltd. - Daeyoung Kim said “We express our deepest gratitude and respect for the hard work of all the medical staff who are dedicated to overcoming the COVID 19 crisis.” And “Cure Pharm Tech Co., Ltd. is also making continuous efforts to overcome this difficult time and will continue to participate in implementing preventive measures more thoroughly for everyone’s safety.”